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Six new one hour documentaries follow host Simon Baker on a global journey to explore the spiritual connection native peoples have with the environment – and their will to defend it.  Premiering Wednesday Sept 6th at 8pm across Canada on APTN, six consecutive weeks reveal powerful stories about the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and the future of our planet.  Travel with host Simon Baker to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, the Nyae Nyae Conservancy in Namibia, Around Lake Winnipeg, along the gulf coast of Louisiana and high up in the Sierra Madres mountains of central Mexico.

If you missed any of this seasons 6 one hour episodes on TV you can stream them in HD here:

This season of Native Planet takes host Simon Baker to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, Namibia, Southern Manitoba, the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, and the Mezquital region of central Mexico. Native Planet season 2 will be re-broadcast on APTN through October and November. Check your local listings for broadcast times in your region.

Host Simon Baker travels deep inside Mexico’s Durango State, to meet indigenous communities still practicing their traditional justice systems, largely independent from the Government of Mexico. Long before the Spanish came to colonize the country centuries ago, the Mezquital, a remote part of the Sierra Madres Mountains, was home to the indigenous O’Dam, Mexicaneros and Wirrarika people. However, recent events have impoverished their agrarian communities and made them easy targets for the cartels, which coerce them into growing illegal crops. Now, the lands of these largely forgotten indigenous communities are the front lines in a battle between rival drug cartels and the Mexico’s military police. As Simon travels the high mountain roads of the O’Dam, Mexicaneros and Wirrarika communities, he comes to understand how violence is becoming an environmental issue.

RealWorld is pleased to announce the launch of our new Native Planet website – This new site will provide in depth interactive access to stories from our first season and coming this September, six new Native Planet stories in season two. At the core of our new site, ‘Take the Journey’ let’s you interact with host Simon Baker’s global journey, first to New Zealand and Hawaii. Through this spring, one new interactive story will be posted monthly leading up to the premiere of season 2. A huge thanks go out to Sean and Steve at our interactive partners, Denman Digital.

RealWorld is pleased to announce that “Power to the People”, our newest environmental documentary series, has recently been funded for development. In Power to the People, series host and acclaimed environmentalist Melina Laboucan Massimo will travel to visionary communities to discover how renewable energy and sustainability is empowering First Peoples. In Canada and around the word, Melina will reveal revolutionary wind, solar, tidal, fuel cell and biomass projects, de-mystify their science, and examine the social and environmental benefits. Over the next few months, RealWorld will be mapping out thirteen half hour episodes and companion web strategy that will comprise our first season. Stay tuned for more next Spring.


Meet Javier – editor, camera operator and an important member of the RealWorld production team.  For the last three years ‘Javi’ has worked his way through post to become part of RealWorld’s on location camera crew.  From capturing great drone shots to framing supporting visuals, Javi’s work is on display in recent RealWorld projects like Face the Music and Native Planet.   With a great eye and storytelling intuition, Javi has elevated his role at RealWorld and is now part of a team developing a new 13 part factual series planned for production in 2017.


Meet Kim, she manages our productions, our office, and is generally the person who keeps RealWorld on track, on budget and organized.  Kim has been a vital part of RealWorld for over a decade and is well known and respected by our suppliers, broadcasters and funders.  Here’s a recent shot of her on location in Chile where she made sure the Native Planet production team was transported, amply fed and well rested for our first location shoot on Easter Island.  This year she’ll be spending more time on location as we increase the size of our crew and the scope of our productions, around the world.


For the last two years RealWorld has been patiently developing Semi Pro, a gritty, behind the scenes documentary that for the first time will take an audience inside the locker room to witness the season long journey of Semiahmoo Ravens A1 peewee hockey team (  Now, this non-funded initiative and our in-house labor of love is finally nearing its finish line.  A rough cut of the documentary is set to release by the end of this year that RealWorld will use to attract completion and postproduction financing.  In the interim, check out the SemiPro documentary trailer here: and visit to learn more about the project.