Dance Doctor is a heartwarming series where renowned dance instructor Gustavo Ferman coaches couples through the complicated steps of dance, love and weddings before they walk down the aisle to perform their first dance together.

Full Description:

Get ready to ride the emotional roller coaster of weddings as we take you inside the lives of real- life couples who come to the ‘Dance Doctor’ to choreograph their first steps in love and marriage. Our real-life participants come from all walks but have one thing in common – no one wants their first dance to be a disaster! That’s why they book an appointment with the ‘Dance Doctor’, renowned Vancouver dancer, choreographer and actor Gustavo Ferman, who helps them prepare by prescribing the best medicine he knows…learning how to love through dance. In each episode, we follow the evolving wedding stories of three couples, inside and outside the dance studio. One couple is just beginning their dance journey, one is knee deep in wedding preparations, and one is getting ready to walk down the aisle and onto the dance floor . At the end, we all attend the wedding to cry tears of joy, and sometimes laughter, as Gustavo anxiously watches his students perform their first dance together. Dance Doctor is a multi- season TV series where diverse couples across Canada learn to live and love through the healing power of dance.

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