With the future of Canada’s second largest watershed at stake, follow an unlikely team of Prairie politicians, First Nations leaders, scientists, farmers and fisherman who band together to reconcile the fate of “Muddy Waters”, the world’s tenth largest lake.

Full Description:

Named after the Cree word meaning ‘Muddy Waters’ and the reservoir of Canada’s second largest watershed, Lake Winnipeg is heading towards a slow and potentially irreversible death.  As the most important body of fresh water in the heart of Canada’s agricultural bread basket, this feature length documentary examines how the inflow of agricultural nutrients, commercial phosphates and municipal sewage, along its 7 million sq. km. watershed, have effectively put Lake Winnipeg on steroids, creating monstrous algae blooms that are sucking the life out of its water.  From its western headwaters, filmmakers Carmen Henriquez and Denis Paquette follow the flow of the water, from melting Rocky Mountain glaciers, through the epicenter of Alberta’s livestock and agricultural industry and ultimately, into Lake Winnipeg. Muddy Waters breaks down the complex social and economic balance between human development, food production and their conflicting effect on fresh water.  Making matters worse, the documentary reveals how climate change and Trump era protectionism are hastening a doomsday scenario, setting four Canadian provinces and three US states on a crash course towards almost unimaginable human and financial consequences. Against these seemingly insurmountable odds, the documentary finds hope in an unconventional team of First Nations Chiefs and small-town politicians whose historic journey towards reconciliation may just be the salvation of Muddy Waters.

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