Vanishing Places

Vanishing Places is a multi-season adventure documentary series where two prematurely retired, punk bred, road warriors explore disappearing destinations across north, south and central America.  Ride along with series co-hosts Nik Dean and Jeff More, as they soulfully pursue a bucket list of vanishing places, communities, and cultures. 

Full Description:

Jeff began broke but now owns a bunch of wild dive bars in Western Canada and Nik is co-founder of the Vancouver based, motorcycle lifestyle brand ‘Lords of Gastown’. Success has earned them a healthy addiction to the open road and the freedom to explore it.  However, their passion to visit Vanishing Places and their curiosity to see what’s being lost forms the narrative glue that binds the series.  With rock star looks and a gregarious, comedic nature, each episode follows Nik and Jeff on a culturally rich, visually stunning, and historically relevant journey to a vanishing place, people, or thing – from pop culture to the environment. Through break downs, bad weather, rustic campsites and hair raising routes, Nik and Jeff traverse sinking bayous in the birthplace of Zydeco, ride vintage motorcycles through the fading facade of old Havana and reveal a vanishing way of life for the people of the Amazon.  Joining them on each episodic road trip are equally passionate, informed and eccentric local riders who help Nik and Jeff navigate their route, sample the wildest restaurants and bars, and provide intimate access to the stories they encounter.  Fresh, fun, righteous and entertaining, Vanishing Places is a mind-blowing adventure travel series – with a conscience.

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