Fly along with Canada’s fastest growing, Indigenous owned airline and see what reconciliation looks like as young female pilots fly lifesaving emergency rescue missions in some of the most challenging flying conditions in the world.

Full Description:

Northern Air Rescue transports you intimately inside the world of Manitoba’s fastest growing and only Indigenous owned airline, “Missinippi Airways”. In each half hour episode, we fly along with their blended team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous pilots, nurses and grounds crew as they embark on lifesaving air ambulance (medevac) missions into remote northern communities.  With our cameras embedded inside Missinippi Airways and in the lives of lovable characters who comprise their core staff, Northern Air Rescue lets Canada see what reconciliation looks like. Flying through hostile weather conditions, 365 days a year, Missinippi’s emergency flight missions demand a total team effort, irrespective of race, culture, or gender. On TV, then more deeply on the Web, see how Missinippi’s female pilots are shaking up this male dominated industry. Grounding the story in each TV episode, we fly along on one medevac, rescue, or other challenging flight mission, from start to finish. In the sky and on the ground, supporting storylines take us inside the lives of Missinippi’s pilots, management and staff, to see how they overcome a myriad of obstacles for this expanding northern airway. 

So, fasten your seat belt and fly along on Northern Air Rescue – an exciting and heart-warming doc series that blends the best of ‘Ice Pilots’ with a real life ‘North of Sixty’, in an honest, heroic and entertaining multi-season format.

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