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Native Planet is a TV and Web series that travels the world to explore the unique spiritual connection native peoples have with mother earth – and their will to defend it. Whether the fight is for land, water or indigenous rights, Native Planet takes you deep into fascinating Aboriginal communities and cultures where charismatic leaders are waging a passionate defence of mother earth.

Native Planet intimately reveals the indigenous perspective on issues that may soon determine the balance of humanity on earth.

Full Description:

Native Planet is a revealing documentary series that transports you to the front lines of an aboriginal inspired movement to protect mother earth. Travel the globe with series host Simon Baker and go deep into fascinating native communities waging a David and Goliath fight for the environment, their rights and ultimately, their survival. Native Planet takes you behind the headlines as Simon gains intimate access to native leaders and organizations behind some of the most important environmental challenges on the planet today. Entertaining, informative, fast paced and inspirational, Native Planet examines the unique spiritual connection First Peoples have with mother earth and their passion to defend it.

Each one-hour episode shares a character driven story where internationally recognized native communities confront threats to the environmental, their territory, culture and identity. As we experience through our first two seasons of Native Planet, the loss of habitat, radical changes in weather patterns and the sudden disappearance of natural species are often most evident to native peoples, the true stewards of our planet. With the series delivering front row access to some of the most compelling environmental challenges in the world today, Native Planet is crafted to attract a broad TV and Web audience concerned with global environmental issues, the sustainability of native peoples and the future of our planet.

Simon’s companion, highly interactive and media rich website – NativePlanet.tv – provides our viewers a more immersive experience into the issues, stories, communities and cultures we encounter. For season 2, a completely new and expanded website is being produced and scheduled for launch May 2016.

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