‘Crossing Turtle Island’ –  a RealWorld Docuseries in Development

In this proposed, culturally revealing docuseries, young Indigenous participants from Canada and the US ‘cross Turtle Island’, courageously swapping homes, families and lives for a fascinating one week, cross cultural exchange.  Built on a broad social media platform and promoted through Indigenous communities and organizations across North America, a carefully curated group of young adult respondents will be selected to participate in each recurring season.  With the will to explore ‘Turtle Island’, and the courage to confront their apprehensions and fears, “Crossing Turtle Island” documents the journey of each character as they – prepare then travel to each other’s community, embed themselves in their respective families and lives, then uniquely experience each other’s people and culture.  Aimed at a broad, adult North American audience, each story reveals what happens when two people swap homes and families, hang out with their friends, and explore each other’s world.  With development funding provided by APTN and the Canada Media Fund, RealWorld is currently defining the series format and producing a demo that will be used to secure production financing beginning in the Spring of 2021.