Muddy Waters – a Feature Length Documentary

RealWorld recently received financial support from Creative BC to continue development of our latest feature doc “Muddy Waters”.  In this story, a courageous team of Manitoba Chiefs and Mayors embark on a history making initiative to reconcile their past and save the one body of water they all rely on. Named after the Cree word meaning ‘Muddy Waters’ and the reservoir of Canada’s second largest watershed, fertilizers, phosphates and sewage are killing Lake Winnipeg. In the heart of the Prairie’s bread-basket, the film examines the complex social and economic tight rope between growing agricultural production and its damaging effects on  fresh water. As they confront racism, overcome stereotypes and challenge the status quo, these Chiefs and Mayors find truth in reconciliation, wisdom in Indigenous knowledge, and just maybe, the means to save “Muddy Waters”.  See the current Muddy Waters demo here.