Power to the People begins airing January 28 2020.

Power to the People, a multi-season format that explores the future of clean energy in Canada and how it’s being shaped by visionary Indigenous communities.  Hosted by acclaimed climate change campaigner Melina Laboucan-Massimo, season one’s 13 half hour documentaries take Melina all across Canada to reveal lead edge wind, solar, tidal and other renewable energy projects that are leading the way to our post carbon future.  With a focus on innovative clean energy success stories, season one also looks at how Indigenous communities are behind the latest advances in eco-housing and standing up to defend the future of west coast salmon.  Power to the People is premiering nationally on APTN in January 28 2020. Check their website for local airtimes. https://www.aptn.ca/powertothepeople/episode-guide/season-1/