In this soulful docuseries, remarkable Indigenous participants from Canada and the US ‘cross Turtle Island’, swapping homes, families, and lives for a revealing celebration of First Nations culture and identity.

Full Description:

Crossing Turtle Island is a hybrid TV/web/social media series where remarkable young Indigenous people from Canada and the U.S. swap lives in a fascinating and revealing cross cultural exchange. Through digital media outreach to Indigenous organizations and communities across North America, a carefully curated group of adult volunteers (ages 19-34) are invited to participate in each recurring season. Driven by their passion to explore and experience different Indigenous cultures, Crossing Turtle Island documents the real-life journey of each character as they – prepare, travel and embed themselves in each other’s community, integrate themselves in their respective lives, then participate in traditional activities that celebrates each other’s culture. Aimed at a broad North American audience, each half hour ‘fish out of water’ story reveals what happens when real-life participants swap homes, families, and friends, to live a week in each other’s world. Stepping into their shoes is not going to be easy, especially when home is a country apart. That’s why each characters journey is made safe, rewarding and enriching by corresponding family leaders and Elders who guide their journey, oversee their immersion, and empower them to participate in rewarding cultural activities

Every episode of Crossing Turtle Island is married to a companion website and social media strategy where viewers meet the characters, explore their communities, follow their journey, and create ongoing international cultural dialogue. Completely realistic, action packed, intimate and emotive, by the end of each story the people Crossing Turtle Island learn as much about themselves, as they learn about each other.

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