Climate change activist Melina Laboucan-Massimo travels to visionary communities across North America to reveal leading edge clean energy solutions that are leading the way to a post carbon future.

Full Description:

Power to the People season 2 comprises thirteen new TV and Web documentary episodes that discover how indigenous people, values and wisdom are leading the way to a sustainable, clean energy future. Slated to begin production late 2021, each episode shares emotive, indigenous inspired stories that demonstrate how renewable energy is empowering communities to define a more sustainable future. Season 2 is expertly guided by on camera host and internationally acclaimed Cree environmentalist, Melina Laboucan Massimo. As one of North America’s leading voices on climate change, each episode introduces Melina to fascinating real life characters, communities and companies engineering new world solutions to old energy problems. Through the visionary leaders, technologies, and experts she meets,

Power to the People takes us inside revolutionary wind, solar, tidal, housing and food security projects, de-mystifies the science and examines the positive social and environmental impacts. By the end of each entertaining and highly visual 4K episode, the empowering stories Melina shares take us all one step further along the path to our post carbon future.

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