Potlatch Keepers

In Potlatch Keepers, first time filmmaker Lindsey Willie returns home to her remote ancestral village of Kingcome Inlet, BC to learn the protocols of potlatching but gains something much more – her cultural awakening.

Full Description:

Produced by RealWorld Media Inc., Potlatch Keepers is a personal, one-hour documentary by first time Aboriginal filmmaker Lindsey Mae Willie who returns home to her ancestral community of Kingcome Inlet, BC to answer the call of her elders. They have asked Kwakwaka’wawk youth to return from the cities to learn and preserve their fading cultural keystone, the Potlatch. Joined by two cousins, the three young women set out to learn all they need to know before aging elders pass taking their language and knowledge with them. But how can they accept the weight of their responsibility when history and residential school has nearly killed their cultural identity? Potlatch Keepers is a journey of self-discovery as three young Aboriginal women experience a cultural awakening that resonates with First Nations youth across Canada.

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