Chiefs and Mayors

Our feature length film (in development), Chiefs and Mayors, tells the story of a remarkable group of Manitoba chiefs and small town mayors who embark on a history making journey to reconcile their past and define a more inclusive Canada.  The film tells its story through the lives of a core group of these chiefs and mayors, where we go deep inside their communities, and the homes of people they represent, to see why it remains difficult for Indigenous and non-Indigenous neighbors to find common ground.  Beginning in 2018, RealWorld was invited to document the ‘Collaborative Leadership Initiative’, a facilitated process that takes the participating chiefs and mayors through an evolving series of gatherings where they must confront the barriers, stereotypes, and disparities that have disadvantaged Indigenous peoples and kept their communities apart for over 150 years. United by the one precious resource they all share, Lake Winnipeg, the film shows how they come together to build new relationships, environmental, and economic partnerships that illustrate a path forward to true reconciliation.  We are hard at work pitching what we believe will be a landmark documentary to networks in Canada in hopes of launching the film next September 30th, on Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.