Twindemic is an uplifting docuseries where survivors of the toxic drug epidemic share their stories and provide pathways for understanding the mystery of addiction.

Full Description:

Before Coronavirus changed our world, another epidemic was disproportionately harming Indigenous people, nowhere more than in British Columbia where toxic drugs and addictions have fueled a tragic increase in overdose deaths. TWINDEMIC is an inspirational docuseries that seeks to change that.

Each one-hour episode tells the true story of real-life survivors who reflect on their addiction and their healing journey as a vehicle to help others. Aided by the participation of First Nations public health officer Dr. Evan Adams, Twindemic raises awareness of this Indigenous health care crisis and seeks to provide hope to the families of the affected. Every episode showcases the efforts of local health and social agencies whose programs aid those struggling under the weight of addiction. Through an intimate and emotive look at their life, each character courageously shares their story, offering a positive message about healing, culture, and community. Through the survivors we meet, and the health and social programs we examine, TWINDEMIC provides a non-judgmental path to unravelling the mystery of addiction.

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