Face the Music is a TV and Web series that brings you intimately into the life and creative journey of up and coming Indigenous recording artist, Kristi Lane Sinclair. Watch as she shares her story and inspiration, pushing her music to the next level as she works to record her next album.

Six half hour episodes reveal her efforts to write, record, and launch her latest album. As she travels and performs across North America, she seeks out the advice of renowned musicians to help guide her career. Things don’t always work out but it’s all part of facing the music.

Full Description:

Face the Music is a limited TV and Web series about the resilience of the creative spirit and one woman’s will to follow her dream. Six half hour episodes document the personal and musical journey of singer/songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair. Classically trained and critically acclaimed, she’s struggling to define herself as an Indigenous artist – or an artist who is Indigenous. From LA to Manchester, Face the Music takes you behind closed doors of the music industry as we document Kristi’s roller coaster journey to record a seminal album and sing her way onto the Canadian folk/rock landscape. With big ambitions and unfulfilled dreams, she seeks the wisdom of well-known musicians and industry leaders to guide her on the road ahead. But conflicting demands in Kristi’s personal and professional life are testing her will and creativity – now it’s time for her to face the music. 

Over six evolving half hour documentary episodes, Face the Music spends a year observing Kristi’s real life effort to fund, write and record what she hopes will be her defining album.  From her home in Vancouver, Kristi embarks on a remarkable, revealing, cross Canada exploration of the indie music scene. But after a decade chasing her dream, we see how her personal and financial life is already stretched thin. Face the Music tells the story of one woman’s unyielding journey to define her music, her career and ultimately herself.

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